Let Christ Lead Your Day

I find I feel guilty when Isaac lays down for his nap on a day I have off that I should take this quiet time to be with God. 

There was stuff that needed to be done-that gives me joy when it gets done, though.  So, I started doing the tasks and feeling guilty while I do them.  And, the Holy Spirit gave me a great idea.
“why don’t you ask God if this is a good time to do this?”  Wow- what a concept.  I asked in my heart “Is it okay to do these chores now?” I immediately felt Him joyfully say in my heart “YES” .  Wow- I could just do this all the time and NOT feel guilty, I realized.  This weight lifted off my heart and I proceeded with the chores.  I love to clean and organize.  I listen to music and sing along, and it fills me with joy.
It was AWESOME.  I got to listen to more songs on the new King and Country album which I loved! And, I was filled with joy to be bring cleanness and order to our home. I even got to be out in the sun as I washed the balcony doors, which had needed cleaning for a long time.
  Then I finished all that and still had some time to sit with Jesus before Isaac woke up. 
Other days, He leads me to sit with Him first and trust He will give me the time to get chores done.  Others days He has me do chores the whole nap and I get a good time with God when Isaac goes to bed.  Still other days I just don’t have a “quiet time” and He still speaks powerfully through Isaac or my husband, a friend, a song, something on the radio etc.  He likes to change up the order of things. He wants my dependence on Him, not a schedule or plan. 
It makes my heart soar to watch Him guide my day when I do listen to Him, and it grows my faith!
This is my invitation to you.  Christ can lead your day.  He wants to lead you that closely and specifically.  All you have to do is ask.  You may say “I don’t hear God talk like you do Kathryn.”  I didn’t always either.  It is something you have to grow in, but God wants to talk with ALL of His children.  In fact, God does talk to all of us, the question is can we hear him?  It just takes practice. 
Check out this site that gives a great overview on hot to get started:
You can also check out this book Walking with God by John Eldredge
 I will stress again as I have in other posts.  You must be in Scripture regularly, or you can be led astray much more easily in listening prayer.  God always confirms His word to you through Scripture.  If we don’t know Scripture we don’t know Christ nearly as well as we could.
He says to you “Come with me-you have no idea the awesome plans I have for you”

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